Letter: Rezoning would put Brookswood aquifer at risk

Editor: Langley residents should be concerned about an application to Surrey council to rezone 77 acres near 16 Avenue and 192 Street from agricultural land into a trucker’s oasis.

The facility would turn what many of us knew as the llama farm into heavy truck parking, warehouses, truck washing facilities, repair centres and offices.

This property is highly valuable in recharging the Brookswood aquifer. It drains into the Little Campbell River, a sensitive fish spawning area.

Although Surrey has many programs to protect the environment, they are fast tracking this application and Langley residents will be heavily impacted if this project proceeds.

What can we do to let Surrey know of our concerns?

If we tell our friends and relatives in Surrey about the problems they can influence their councillors. If we tell Langley councillors, they may speak on our behalf to Surrey council.

If we do nothing, our aquifer and salmon in the Little Campbell River will be in danger.

Sue Leyland,