Letter: Should we support rezoning applications before seeing new community plan?

Editor: The following is a letter that was sent to D. Heintz of McElhanney

I attended the public information meeting last night and I’m confused.

I brought home two information sheets.  Are there two applications or three applications for rezoning?

The display boards showed 20450 36 Ave. and 3492 205 St. (83 new single family residences) did I miss the other one? Where would it be located?

Has the Township approved a new Fernridge Community plan as council has suggested, severing Brookswood from the 30 year old plan? You state your rezoning applications in accordance with the 1987 plan. If they are, why would you require a rezoning application?

My husband and I have lived in Brookswood for 41 years and we are not opposed to development in the Fernridge area. We welcome new families to enjoy the wonderful lifestyle south Langley has to offer.

But we wonder if we should support rezoning applications when we haven’t seen the new Fernridge Community Plan.

May and John Barnard,