LETTER: Some with U.S. plates are here legitimately

Teacher calls to replace rudeness and harassment with kindness and calm

Dear Editor,

There are a number of Americans who are legitimately in Canada, with cars that have American plates.

The population that I am most familiar with is graduate students who have come to B.C. to study at our universities and have been here well before COVID lockdowns were in place.

Some of these are my own students – I can quickly think of six who have cars with U.S. plates – hard-working, B.C.-economy-supporting young people who are legitimately here on visas.

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Any rudeness, harassment, or maltreatment based on blanket licence plate assumptions is tantamount to racial discrimination.

Yes, there are Americans newly entering Canada who are skirting our COVID rules, but it is not all Americans.

Be kind, be calm, be safe.

Larry Hayashi, Langley


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