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LETTER: South Langley resident waiting for reliable climate data

He doesn’t consider himself a denier but doubts tax dollars will solve climate change

Dear Editor,

A letter to the editor headlined Science not on side of climate deniers, [Langley Advance Times, Jan. 15], caught my attention.

I read it several times.

I don’t think of myself as a climate denier. I’m a West Coast trucker. We know a lot about climate.

I researched the funding for the three sources quote as “fact supported by data, not opinion”. All rely on governments of one nature or another.

I am skeptical after hearing that Dr. Susan Crockford, once lauded by UBC-Vic as a leading authority on polar bears was fired (contract not renewed – same thing) for stating the bears are not in crisis. Her firing resulted in “a climate of fear on campus” that made me look for information from sources who’s income does not rely on “toeing the line.” First to mind is one of the founders of Greenpeace, Patrick Moore. In a letter to the Royal Society, he argued there was “no scientific proof” that mankind was causing global climate change.

I find it easier to believe well spoken individuals with a history of caring for the environment and no fear of losing their paycheque than a government-paid “authority” who’s job security (and income) are tied to either parroting the government line or silence. If people like Dr. Crockford can be fired, all are in jeopardy.

In closing I would like to see proof where the millions (billions probably) of tax dollars have improved the climate.

Ted Campbell, Fernridge