Letter: Thanks offered for kind gesture

Editor: As most of my friends know, I was “mowed” down on Feb. 22. Yeah, pink shirt day, to boot. Well, I had intervened in a bad situation and was most literally run down by some jerk with no courage.

A couple of reporters called for tiny stories online, no big deal. Until the other day, when one of those reporters called me after the story had been run.

She said, “I have a little bit of good news for you. A lady read the story (in the March 3 Langley Times) and she was hoping someone would have a crowd funding thing going for you, but she has sent you $100.”

Maybe you can still be surprised now and again. The card is beautiful, and I think I will frame it.

Whoever you are, Bev K., and wherever you are, you will never know what your words did for me today. You lifted a near-broken and bitter man, and showed him that even though they are few and far between, good deeds never fall on deaf ears or blind eyes.

My humble gratitude, and I just wish I could meet you.

Jay Blake,