Letter: Voicing of opinions discouraged

Editor: I sent a letter to the Township of Langley in opposition to the ALC Exclusion Application on 48th Avenue referred to by D. Harkin (the Times, Feb. 3).

I, too, commented that the sign was extremely difficult to read because it was so small.

However, more to the point is the continued erosion of our agricultural land base by residential development. Although this property is not currently used for agricultural purposes, the soil conditions are not unable to be used for agricultural purposes.

There is absolutely too much pressure to turn our limited agricultural land into residential development, solely for the financial benefit of the owners.

While greenhouses, and perhaps even chicken barns, may be permitted with the current zoning and ALC designation, to use this threat to convince residents to support this development during a meeting, shows how far developers will go to get their own way and discourage neighbours from voicing their opinions during the development process.

V. Caskey,