Plans showed a park and playing fields but the land has been turned into condos.

Plans showed a park and playing fields but the land has been turned into condos.

LETTER: What happened to park and playing fields promised for Yorkson?

A letter writer said green space promised for his neighbourhood has been turned into condos

Dear Editor,

So this is the brochure from when we bought our Quadra Reddale Townhome in 2014. The area from 80th Avenue to 82nd Avenue, which was to be a park with four artificial turf fields, tennis courts, walking trail, etc., never materialized. Instead we have five-storey condos the entire two blocks.

This is what repeatedly happens. Developers put in a beautiful proposal and once it’s approved and the lots are sold, pre-construction, they apply for rezoning of the amenity portion of their initial proposal to more multi-family residential use. They have one townhall meeting that people do not know about or do not understand so are rarely attended and Langley Township council rubber stamps the approval.

Another trend is for developers to put in a proposal for three storey townhomes. Once the proposal is approved they then apply for rezoning to five- or now six-storey condominiums. This has been done repeatedly and repeatedly Langley Township council has approved the rezoning application.

But I also don’t understand is that Township council also gets the developers to build parks, to build sidewalks adjacent to their developments and they treat the streets going between these developments like ours on 207th street as private driveways and the individual stratas are responsible for their maintenance.

So what is Langley Township doing with the hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue that they are getting from these multi-family developments? I haven’t seen the infrastructure enhancements reflected as a result.

Frank Paulicelli, Yorkson

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