Letter: Why not add car auction to Langley Good Times Cruise-In?

Editor: Walking around all the old, many classic cars on Saturday, Sept. 10, I thought this is a great local or regional attraction, but what could really put it on the map as a national attraction.

In “Automobile” magazine I really enjoy reading the classic auto auction results, and the thought occurred to me, “Why not try to establish, as part of the Cruise-in, Canada’s premier classic car auction?”

It may never attain the stature of the Barrett-Jackson collector car auctions (which have been going for 45 years), but it certainly should be able to fairly quickly become Canada’s premier classic car auction.

Therefore, I challenge the Cruise-in officials to look into creating the best classic car auction in Canada.

It would seem to be a perfect event to hold at the Langley Events Centre the same weekend as the Good Time Cruise-in.

Paul M. Bowman,