Letters: BC Hydro bullied school

Dear Editor,

Kristen Cassie, principal of Wings & Roots Montessori School, is attacked by G. Smith [Principal facts miss reality, March 17, Langley Advance] for stating that entire countries have banned smart meters. The writer cites Italy as the common locus of this “urban legend.”

Like Idaho, Italy used wired smart meters, probably to avoid the potential health effects from non-ionizing microwave radiation such as emitted by BC Hydro smart meters.

The issue here is not whether Ms. Cassie has made a factual error in reciting smart meter deployment trivia, but what a Crown corporation is doing, forcibly cutting the power and bolting a device that is a possible carcinogen to a children’s school.

Meanwhile, our MLAs and provincial health office look in the other direction.

Ms. Cassie, obviously a citizen of forethought and integrity, was doing the right thing in attempting to protect the children in her school from a wireless assault by an out-of-control corporation.

Rather than assail her grasp of the facts, G. Smith might check his/her own.

Ron McNutt, Maple Ridge