Letters: By voting, we choose the Canada we want

Editor: I am voting because recent extreme weather events require bold and immediate action on climate change.

Yes, critical action to protect against the ever increasing danger of floods and wild fires, which follow a seemingly never-ending drought is required.

Also, I would like our federal scientists to be communicative with the public and the media and decision makers, giving their reasoned and scientific view of our world and the research they have been doing.

My kids and grandkids need a Canada without an unwieldy economic, social or environmental deficit facing them.

On Oct. 19, let’s get out in record numbers to vote for a Canada we believe in. I strongly believe that all Canadians have the right to live in a healthy environment with clean air, water and soil.

Momentum is building in this federal election and the stakes are high. Together we can get out and vote in record numbers and choose the Canada we want.

Latifah Brett,