Letters: Electric vehicle driver’s HOV lane letter sparks response

Editor: In response to Ms. Steffan’s link of road rage and the HOV lane and the Autobahn (the Times, Aug. 12), she is right on the mark.

It is the self-righteous and selfish actions of drivers, who because they drive electric vehicles, either alone or with two or more persons in the car, think they are “entitled” to impede faster moving traffic, just because they can.

If you are driving at a speed you are comfortable with and everyone else is zooming past you, isn’t it common courtesy to pull to the right and let people pass?

I’d be willing to wager a fair sum that the vehicles in the non-HOV lanes are travelling above the posted limit.

If it was that big of a concern to the authorities, I’m sure they would have a “ghost car” following your every move.

Get off your high horse and move over, or you may be the next victim of “road rage.”

Dave Yarrow,


Editor: Re: Sandra Steffan’s letter (the Times, Aug. 12):

With all due respect, I agree that the HOV lane is not the Autobahn. However, how does the writer feel her breaking the law is above others breaking the law?

Sandra clearly does not follow the law of keep right except to pass.

She seems to feel she is entitled  to be in the HOV lane because she driving an electric vehicle.

Sandra, if you are not going to keep up with traffic, keep right. Because you can go in that lane does not mean you should be in that lane.

R. Brown,