Letters: Montreal’s Champlain bridge an example of ‘Quebec first’ policies

Editor: The “Quebec First Party” (Liberals), the “Quebec First Since 2011 Party” (NDP) and the “Quebec Only Party” (Bloc) all believe that the new Champlain bridge in Montreal should not be tolled, but rather paid for by all Canadians.

Thomas Mulcair has even said that it is the most important bridge in Canada. He says it shouldn’t be tolled because it goes over an international waterway.

I may not know much about geography, but Google maps shows the bridge starting and ending within Quebec, some 50km from the US border. What makes the St. Lawrence River more important than the Fraser River and what that has to do with how a bridge is paid for?

Why do I have to pay directly for the two bridges in my neighbourhood — Port Mann and Golden Ears — and also help pay for a bridge in Montreal that I likely will never use?

The Lion’s Gate bridge goes over an international waterway as well but it was funded without federal help. Trudeau and Mulcair, as national leaders, should better explain the reason for this apparent inequity. Only Gilles Duceppe need not explain; we already know he works exclusively for Quebec.

Kevin Mazerolle,