LNG development possible with other countries’ cash

Editor: (Re: LNG plants are highly doubtful, The Times, Nov. 26).

I would say that LNG is very probably possible, even with other people’s money, since these other countries are in need of resources that they do not have or enough of.  They also have the cash to build the facilities needed.

We do not have to build any ships since there are companies that have these ships just for transporting LNG around the world.

Why should we sell our resources only to the USA at below market value, which is about half of world prices?

And the same goes for oil.  Maybe you like paying high taxes and tolls on our new bridges because the government needs cash or taxes from somewhere, so let it be from LNG sales.

That’s not to mention how many jobs it will create for the future, so you can have a good retirement Mitch Ransom.

Because the LNG jobs will take a couple of years to get going, or maybe sooner.

Alex Hannig