Longtime ratepayer goes on the record – ‘no tax increase’

Editor: The following is a letter to Langley Township council.

I’m a longtime ratepayer in Langley Township. I appreciate the questionnaire approach that you have made available, and am willing to assume you have done so with the best of intentions.

Unfortunately, my experience is that such things are often used to manipulate the public to accept that which they ought not to accept. I am not sure you are not doing the same thing here.

I want to be on record to be in absolute opposition to any increase beyond the cost of living for the annual year as calculated for CPP pension purposes by the Government of Canada.

Find a way — cut things, live within your means.

I have to, and so should you.

And do not play the game where you cut that which will upset the most people.

I’ve seen that one, too. TransLink is particularly good at it.

Taxes have risen considerably in Langley, contrary to oft-stated remarks by politicians and others.

You have been fairly consistently above the increase in the cost of living, which means that you have reached deeper and deeper into my pocket every year.

And, please do not attempt to disguise tax increases by calling them “fees.

“It is so insulting to be talked to in that manner. Keep your hands out of my pockets.

Jeff Christian