Man jumps into fracas

A man stopped his truck and intervened to help another man who was set on by eight youths in Brookswood.

Editor: On Saturday, Oct. 13, my husband approached a group of belligerent male youths on 208 Street, near Riders liquor store. They were shouting profanities at passersby.

He told them to stop; in turn he was jumped by eight males. The reason I am writing is I would like to thank the man in the company pickup truck that came to his aid.

In the midst of this horrible act, I was elated to know that there are still caring people who go above and beyond, compromising their own safety to help someone in need. I wish I had his name to thank him personally.

Without him this situation would have been far worse than it was. I hope he reads this.

Name withheld by request

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