Many great coffee experiences

Coffee tastes so much better as part of a great experience.

For Christmas, I received a Platinum B70 Keurig Brewer, complete with a pack of 60 selections of K-Cup portion packs. That’s a pretty impressive way of saying I got a new coffee maker and some coffee.

But with features like a 72 oz. refillable reservoir and a removal drip tray, combined with a fully programmable LED screen, it just about makes the cup of coffee itself. Contrary to the chiding of my skeptical friends and relatives, it is set up, brewing coffee and the clock is not flashing 12 o’clock, 12 o’clock.

I have even purchased a convenient chrome- finished carousel to display and store my portion packs for ease of selection. Whether I choose the Breakfast Blend in the morning or perhaps an Italian Roast as an after-dinner coffee, they are right there at my fingertips.

An unexpected feature is the sensuous pale blue light the programmable screen casts over the kitchen when the lights are out. It provides a very pleasing night light and of, course a bit of a safety feature as well when you come out for that late night snack or drink of water.

With its sleek space age design, it is worthy of a spot on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. I can envision Capt. Kirk, bathed in the cool blue glow, snapping a rich cosmic portion pack into the machine when Dr. McCoy comes in and says, “For God’s sake Jim, that’s your third cup today, your blood pressure is off the charts.”

But then on the last page of the instructions, it says, “Sit back and enjoy the finest coffee experience you’ve ever had.” Now wait a minute. That’s a pretty bold statement.

Out in my shop, up on a shelf is a box of camping equipment. In there is a battered old coffee pot with a glass bulb in the lid. The once-shiny sides are now blackened from the soot of many campfires. Many mornings the hot tar that poured from that pot was like an elixir that got the body going at those chilly campsites. I still have fingertip scars earned by forgetting how hot that handle got on the grate.

In the evening, the stories that poured out of that spout, along with the coffee, had been brewing and blending for years. With each cup came another memory of another trip and the fish got bigger with each telling. That’s why you never wash out a camping coffee pot. You risk losing some of the history.

There are many fine coffee experiences that come to mind. I recall one morning at 5 a.m., after we had fought a stubborn garage fire for about two hours. As we stood there assessing the damage, the lady of the house came out with a tray holding a coffee pot, cups, cream and sugar and poured a cup for all the firefighters. Yes, there were some cookies too.

It wasn’t the delicious, hot and welcome coffee that made it a memorable coffee experience as much as it was the respect, the thoughtfulness and the thank you that surrounded that tray.

I could go on. The coffee in the paper cup on Crescent Beach as the sun is setting, or the coffee you enjoy when the big job is completed are great coffee experiences.

Yes sir, my Platinum B70 has a lot to live up to. At least that’s what McGregor says.