McGregor column slammed by reader

His remarks belong in a newspaper from the 1800s, says woman who rebuilds vehicles and engines.

Editor: I would like to ask a question to the editor. Were you missing the day the article or “opinion” from Jim McGregor  (The Times, June 27) came across your desk?

There seriously can not be anything as sexist as what I read in that article. And I honestly can’t believe that in this day and age, when we’re supposed to be even just politically correct and conscientious of our attitudes, that a newspaper would actually condone the writing an article that, from everything I read, should not be anywhere but in a newspaper in the 1800s.

Explaining that women have the role of picking curtains and paint, seriously? Let me tell you something. I have never picked paint or curtains. I have, however, rebuilt three different vehicles, engines, and various other parts of my cars.

I have, without the help of a man mind you, bought more than my share of vehicles. Comments like McGregor’s only serve to make it possible for men to condone keeping the “woman are barefoot and pregnant” ideals that should have left with the last century.

Donna Stevenson,