McLellan Park east forest has an 80-year head start

Money is spent creating 'natural' areas, while this forest is a time capsule, and cannot be replaced in our lifetimes.

Editor: Last week, my husband and I had the pleasure of getting lost in the forest. We couldn’t see our way out for the glorious trees.

We were in an area now being called McLellan Park Forest East, in Glen Valley. It is a spectacular 25 acres of deep forest that has been untouched for over 80 years.

This is not a coiffed manicured park, but a wild place that our ancestors would have had to wade through searching for their new homes. It is thriving with wildlife and foliage of all kinds.

It is a rare treasure, and our Township wants to sell it for cash. I am not opposed to development, and I do support the pool in Aldergrove. But selling this “found” treasure would be tragic.

This forest is a time capsule, and cannot be replaced in our lifetimes. I see money being spent on creating “natural” areas for wildlife and tree trunks being planted beside streams in the Township. The McLellan Forest natural area is up and running, and has an 80-year head start.

It is beautiful; it is perfect just the way it is. It is a gift from our forefathers, and to sell it would be like selling your grandmother’s heirloom jewelry.

This is the forest of our youth. Come, get lost in the wonder of this unique forest, and let our Township council know how you feel.

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Sonya Klemm and John Blair,


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