Media will go all out to re-elect Liberals

Media will publish 'hollow platitudes' about BC Liberals to bolster their re-election chances.

Editor: If my prediction is sound, the mainstream corporate-owned news media, as a whole, will be going on its own election campaign soon, to do their utmost to keep the corporate tax increase proponent B.C. NDP leader Adrian Dix and company out of provincial office.

Do people actually buy the bull that newspaper columnists and editorial writers are referred to as “opinion-makers” for naught? Indeed, they even refer to other opinion-maker colleagues as such.

Christy Clark’s Liberal government is likely counting on her hollow platitudes about her government, present and future, representing “families first,” yet the families that her party tends to represent foremost are those with members within the Liberal-supporting big corporate conglomerates.

Most recent polls are showing the BC Liberals beginning to climb upwards nowadays, almost certainly at the Conservatives’ expense. Hmmm — I wonder why? Have the Liberals done anything progressive lately worthy of such a climb?

Perhaps one should look at it from the other side of the coin: Have there been emphasized negative coverage in the last couple months regarding those same Liberals’ foes, i.e. provincial Conservatives and NDP. The answer to the latter explanation is yes — in The Vancouver Sun and especially in The Province’s editorial pages, not to mention countless community newspapers.

Thus, unfortunately, one perhaps should not get too encouraged over large NDP poll numbers.

Frank G. Sterle, Jr.,

White Rock

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