Members aren’t the ones responsible for harming seniors society

Editor: Regarding Dan Ferguson’s very informative article regarding the current sad state of affairs at the Langley Seniors Resources Centre (The Times, July 15), I would like to take issue with a statement  attributed to Shauna Sailer, society board chair.

Ms. Sailer is quoted as claiming that the people campaigning against the changes at the centre, “appear to be on a mission to destroy the very foundation of the society.”

In actual fact, the very opposite is what motivated a very large number of members to voice their disapproval of the methods which the new executive director was making.

This person initiated wholesale changes to the warm, friendly and efficient staff of the society.

This is what was, in effect, destroying the very foundation of the society.

It has to be made clear that no members were involved in harming the society in any way whatsoever.

René Doyharçabal,