Metro should help buy Langley parkland

Metro Vancouver Parks should help pay for expansion of Langley park system

Editor: Langley Township council has stayed the sale of lands in North Langley known as McLellan Park.  This is a good thing, but is Metro Vancouver Parks going to step up and compensate Langley for the $3 million this land sale would have realized?

Or is Metro Vancouver going to once again take Langley for granted, as it has with gasoline tax revenue?  Metro Vancouver would be delighted if Langley taxpayers carry this parks cost by themselves.

The Township should press Metro Vancouver Parks to purchase the McLellan lands, using its park acquisition budget.

Some are now advocating  turning the Gray Pit area into a park. For many in the conservancy community, there are much higher park priorities. One example would be the east Kerfoot Creek basin in south Langley. Kerfoot is a fragile young ecosystem with much greater diversity of wildlife, fauna and flora.

An educator/student group called Custodians Of Young Organic Township Ecosystems (COYOTE) has been formed to advocate for purchasing lands in the Kerfoot Basin. We are currently conducting field work in preparation for making a presentation to Township council.

The Langley Field Naturalists are doing excellent work in the nearby Forslund/Watson Reserve, but the east Kerfoot Basin needs COYOTE to advocate for its protection.

B. Wilson,