Most Canadians love The Hockey Song

Stompin' Tom Connors was known for his love of Canada.

Editor: I read the Langley Times weekly to keep in touch with events and news in my community. I have on more than one occasion wondered if Mike Harvey is employed by The Times, as I see his letters very often in the “Letter to The Editor” section.

Usually, when I read his letters, I think to myself “again — really?” No one new has anything worthy to print so they had to post another letter from Harvey. I am not dissing his letters. Most are well written.

This last letter leaves, though, leaves me wondering if The Times is running short of material. Hockey is Canada’s game. Obviously there are other sports to watch, but none are Canadian like hockey.

His opinion on sports, especially in light of Canada’s own Stompin’ Tom’s passing, is questionable. Stompin’ Tom was known for his love of Canada and all things Canadian. His hockey song is a hockey anthem most Canadians know and love.

Why Harvey would want to diss our sport for no apparent reason is beyond me. This is one letter amongst his many that should have not made it any further than the editor’s floor.

L. Vandermeer,