My birth mother was pro-life and so am I

Editor: According to various dictionaries, healthcare is defined as the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease and injury, that affects humans.

In other words, healthcare is all about improving or maintaining the health of an individual.

Medically and ethically, abortion goes against the very definition of healthcare and violates a doctor’s sacred oath. Yet so many liberals today say that abortion is a healthcare right.

But abortion isn’t healthcare, it’s the exact opposite of healthcare. It’s not the preservation of life but the taking of life.

To make an informed choice, a woman should know all her options. That is why crisis pregnancy centres are better than abortion clinics because they go over all the options.

The options at a crisis pregnancy centres are abortion, adoption, and parenting. The only options at abortion clinics are abortion, which is really no choice.

My birth mom had me and then gave me up for adoption.

My adoptive parents then picked me out of a nursery at four weeks old. But I realized that my birth mom had to be pro-life.

You just don’t have a baby then give it up for adoption unless you are pro-life, because if you are pro-choice you would just have an abortion. My birth mom is pro-life and that is why I’m pro-life.

Dean Clark