No to primaries

Editor: Re: (Editorial — Primaries worth a look, The Times, Feb. 2)

I disagree with the idea that the American primary system will be any better at getting people out to vote.

What is missing from the suggestion are any facts to back up the belief that … “It could boost participation in the electoral process, engaging citizens in the political system and their wider communities — and ultimately increase voter turnout on election day.”

I would be interested to know what voter participation rates in the U.S. primaries are, compared to our dismal 50 per cent rate for provincial elections in B.C.

I believe that the BC Conservative Party position that MLAs must be accountable to their constituents is actually more likely to increase voter participation in the long run.

For too long, voters have been deceived by politicians and political parties. I would think that is more likely to be the cause of more and more people not voting, and participating in the electoral process.

Alan Forseth,