Our View: Take the pledge, end the road carnage

Our View: Take the pledge, end the road carnage

Just drive safely this long weekend, please?

Only you can prevent forest fires, quoth Smokey Bear.

Perhaps we need a similar mascot for the roads here in B.C.

On the cusp of a long weekend, and facing an average four deaths, 630 injuries, and 2,300 crashes province-wide, according to ICBC’s statistics, we remind you: Only you can prevent a lethal collision.

Langley is full of stories that suggest maybe people shouldn’t be allowed to drive at all.

There are multiple collisions on the Trans Canada Highway, sometimes crashes caused by people failing to pay attention while they looked at the last crash.

There are homeowners along 16th Avenue who can tell you about the multiple times drivers have slammed through their fences – and there are urban businesses who have seen more than one driver jump the curb and slam into the building.

Even pedestrians, cyclists, and most recently, a hoverboard rider, are not entirely blameless, sometimes causing collisions – though they almost always come out far, far worse than the drivers.

Unfortunately, the reign of the robot cars and clean, convenient public transit that passes our doorsteps every five minutes has not yet arrived.

Until then, please make this pledge with the rest of us:

I promise, that as a driver on the twisty, steep, sometimes icy and often wet roads of British Columbia, I shall do my duty to use my turn signal, to shoulder check before changing lanes, to never speed through playground zones, and to always count to 10 before screaming and making a rude gesture at the other driver, who failed to follow this solemn vow.

– M.C.

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