Budget focuses on better future for Inidigenous Peoples

Budget goals include elimination of barriers to health care, social supports, languages, business

  • Apr 12, 2019

OPINION: BC NDP has ‘change of heart’ on LNG

Shuswap MLA Greg Kyllo stunned by turnaround on issue by B.C. government

Federal government needs change

Trudeau’s government is doing practically everything wrong

  • Apr 11, 2019
Langley Ukulele Ensemble perform William Tell Overture
Langley lawn bowling club
Behind the Scenes: Dancing at Lughnasa
Campaign to grant terminally ill child his dream vacation

Tape undercuts moral highground

Taped conversation with PMO puts Wilson-Raybould’s ethics in question

  • Apr 11, 2019

Poorly placed arena leaks

Leaky roof does nothing to restore faith in councils

  • Apr 9, 2019

Tree bylaw threat danger to trees

Trees seem to start falling as soon as a tree protection bylaw is proposed

  • Apr 9, 2019

B.C. VIEWS: David Suzuki has become the Don Cherry of TV science

Campaign against B.C. natural gas followed Alberta oil attack

B.C. VIEWS: Hippie pseudoscience leaks into our NDP government

Energy minister clings to urban myths about gas drilling

High speed Internet no longer a luxury

Remote or not, all parts of Canada need access to high speed internet service

  • Apr 7, 2019

Courtesy key to enjoying walks together

Writer calls for exercising better manners on sidewalks and walking trails

  • Apr 7, 2019

Trees help keep neighbourhoods cool

Develpment should be halted until a tree protection bylaw is in place

  • Apr 7, 2019

Facebook manipulative nonsense

Matthew Claxton’s Painful Truth gets it right

  • Apr 6, 2019

Federal budget focuses on senior activity

The budget commits $100 million over five years to engaging seniors in their communities

  • Apr 6, 2019

Trees need bylaw protection

Call for Township of Langley to create Tree Protection Bylaw

  • Apr 6, 2019

Strategic health care shortening waits for surgery

BC surgey waqits shortening, but still among longest in Canada

  • Apr 6, 2019

Volunters dash cams no solution to road safety problems

Dash cams operated by volunteers would be expensive, of doubtful value, and an invasion of privacy

  • Apr 5, 2019

Our View: Trees’ value debated

Township of Langley needs a tree protection bylaw… but one that is reasonable

  • Apr 5, 2019

Budget preparing way to national drug program

Feral government considering options for lower prescription drug costs

  • Apr 5, 2019

Odd Thoughts: Keep it going till it goes

Sometimes time feels short, but it’s important to keep it good as long as possible.

  • Apr 5, 2019

Painful Truth: Should the news go on strike against Facebook?

Facebook sets the rules, and we have to live with them