Pay your taxes, then pay again for municipal services

Aldergrove resident questions paying to have water shut off.

Editor: I have been a resident and a homeowner for the past 30 years in Aldergrove. The small town is gradually getting bigger under the Township of Langley’s wings.

I’ve paid my taxes every year faithfully — no services for most years, but you pay anyhow.

Then your hot water tank blows, unfortunally in the evening. You phone the Township, because your main water line needs to be shut off so the plumber can fix your problem.

Guess what — it’s $200 for shut-off and then another $80 to get it turned back on. Hopefully that happens during the day, otherwise it’s another $200.

You are paying $280 for something nobody wants to happen to them in the first place. The bottom line is that this is 10 per cent of the taxes I pay every year — for what service?

This is absolutely not acceptable. Why do I have to pay for a service I already pay for every year?

I guess these are my tax dollars at work.

Margriet Vankesteren,