Pipeline company can do its own advertising

The federal government should not promote pipelines, even indirectly in its TV commercials.

Editor: I have sent this letter to MP Mark Warawa:

Why is the federal government using my tax dollars to promote Enbridge pipelines, with television commercials?

Now, although the name Enbridge is not specifically mentioned, it would take an uneducated buffoon not to recognize the correlation.

The omission of the aforesaid name is so glaringly blatant, one wonders if your government is actually insulting the collective intelligence of Canadians at large?

While I have no objections to assorted pipeline companies proffering their wares through whatever media they may choose (truth in advertising accepted, or perhaps not), I do feel that the funds appropriated by your government for such purposes would be better spent on, perhaps, veterans’ funeral expenses.

There could also be bigger and better oil sands tailing ponds for migratory birds.

Jesting aside, a reply would be nice.

Martin Allen,


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