Questions about facilities report

Concerns are raised about assumptions made by planning firm in looking at Langley School District facilities.

Editor: I would like to comment on the Langley School District facilities report. My concern is with planner Hugh Skinner and his company GMHA, whom the school district hired to create this plan.

When I and other community members (with trustees and senior management) attended one of the facilities meetings in April, Skinner stated that Fort Langley Elementary saw an increase in its enrolment due to the closure of County Line. I stated that (being on the school’s SPC at the time) that Fort Langley did not see any increase in its enrolment due to the closure, and that the increase had come from the development of Bedford Landing. Skinner then asked “What is Bedford Landing?”

He assured me it would be corrected in the final plan. My concern is how much the planner knows about the community of Langley, or does he only know about the one area of Langley that is seeing the most growth. The plan is not inclusive, it is exclusive.

Jacqueline Cook,


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