Rail overpass belongs on the Bypass

The proposal to put an overpass on the Mufford route makes no sense.

Editor: It is clear that there are only two practical solutions to the train and traffic issues in Langley:

– Reroute the trains away from Langley. No matter what is done in the way of overpasses, there does not seem to be any practical way to deal with the traffic problems that are going to occur at 200 Street and the Langley Bypass.

– Deal with the traffic problems at the east end of the Bypass by putting an overpass there.

The proposal to put an overpass on the Mufford route makes no sense.  There will be very little benefit to traffic.  The $50 million cost will be an almost total waste of money.  In addition, this route compromises the ALR for no good reason.

You don’t have to be an engineer to look at the diagrams and see how ugly and inefficient this proposal will be if built.  Prominent technical professionals have vehemently criticized this plan as being a very poor compromise.

It would make much more sense to wait until the money is available to put the overpass on the Bypass, where it belongs. Traffic should then be routed from Willoughby Hill south onto the Bypass via the existing traffic light at 202 Street.

Routing traffic far to the east on Mufford makes no sense, when most of the traffic travels north and south in this area.

Doug McFee,