Reliable forestry work has all but disappeared

The B.C. government has put forestry low on its list of priorities.

Editor: Re: “Forest preservation group gets extra 30 days,” (The Times, Oct. 25).

Considering how the rest of B.C. is abusing our pure oxygen producing trees, should there be any real surprise that B.C.’s Liberal government — by its notoriously pathetic non-maintenance of B.C.’s forests — has been breaking provincial law stating that it must adequately maintain a healthy forestry sector.

The government finds no problem when it comes to raping large swaths of trees for countless square kilometres, but everything else has gone to hell, including what once was reliable forestry work.

All of which is likely why so many B.C.ers relying on the limp-noodle forestry profession are even struggling to find formerly-plentiful jobs with tree-planting companies — work that is so back-breaking that it’s literally at the very bottom of the list.

Frank G. Sterle,  Jr.,

White Rock