Rude treatment of customer

A request to use the washroom by a regular customer was refused by business owner.

Editor: On March 16, my good friend’s elderly mother was feeling unwell, and just happened to pass by a Langley coffee house they both frequent regularly. She politely asked if she could use the washroom, but because they didn’t purchase anything on this particular day, the owner rudely pointed to the “washroom for patrons only” sign and dismissed her like she was a vagrant.

My friend’s mother was embarrassed, and in obvious distress by this time, but the owner simply waved her away so she could attend to her next customer.

I believe the owner should have recognized her long-time customer and made an exception to her rule. Secondly, what kind of person treats an elderly woman like that at all?

This kind of needless, uncaring treatment is, to me, intolerable.

Carole Vickers,