Selling off green space doesn’t work

It is not prudent to steal from one area in order to pay for different assets.

Editor: I have read with interest all the commentary about the subject of selling off Township assets, and re-allocating the funds for other purposes unrelated to the original assets.

I am of the opinion that the public assets that are defined as green forest areas within the Township of Langley should be managed in a way that one asset may be forfeited for profit. However, the asset value should then be re-allocated into similar assets, to preserve and improve other existing assets within the same category.

It is not prudent to steal from one area in order to pay for different assets, thus losing the forested area from that asset base entirely. The proceeds should be directed back into those areas that require improvements for the public good, which will enhance the other assets and make them more serviceable for the enjoyment and use of future generations.

The logic of the current plan, suggests the Township will run out of green space at some point, as it sells off all these types of lands in order to finance budget shortfalls.  The best plan would be to fix the budget and not plan to overspend on areas that you have no funding for.

The expression of living within one’s means comes to mind. In the current market, the asset value is not being maximized at all and it will not be for the near future.

Why not place this foolhardy plan on hold, until a proper rethink has been sought from Township shareholders?

I know that Township staff and council  can count on them to respond and offer input, in order to safeguard and manage these assets prudently.

L. Calder,