Simple act of kindness affected many people

Retrieval of lost keys at Willowbrook a true act of kindness.

Editor: I wanted to write a short letter to The Times, in hope that the person who took time out of their busy day to stop, pick up my lost keys and turn them into the customer service desk at Willowbrook Shopping Centre, will read it.

I want to tell you that your small act of kindness affected many people.

I am a local entertainer, I sing and perform music for events, and I happened to be on my way to a special Christmas performance at Brookside Lodge, when I decided to stop and do a little shopping before I went there.

The senior residents at Brookside Lodge look forward to parties, as their families visit, and it’s so important to them to share a meal and sing some Christmas songs with their loved ones.

When I discovered my keys had fallen out of my pocket, I was very upset.

I frantically retraced my steps, hoping and praying my keys would be on the ground in the mall somewhere, but they were nowhere to be found. All my musical equipment was in the car, and I was now due to be at the performance in half an hour.

I pictured the seniors all sitting waiting for me to be there and I was in tears, thinking they would be so disappointed that I did not come to sing for them.

When I decided to check the customer service desk and my keys were there, I cried tears of joy. Somebody had cared enough to stop and turn them in.

The show that night went so well. One of the residents who normally just sits with her head down and does not respond too much, actually sat up and sang along with songs she knew. One family told me that their elderly Dad cried during Silent Night, a good cry because his family was there.

So you see dear person who returned my keys, your one little good deed made a difference for so many people. Thank you for that small act of kindness.

The Christmas spirit is about doing things for others expecting nothing in return, to be kind, and to take time to be helpful. That is what it means to be a good Canadian,

I hope that person reads this letter, as I want to say thank you and wish them a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Gail Hawksworth,


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