Some members of council attended Fort Langley meeting

Four councillors attended Oct. 11 meeting to get feedback from residents on new developments.

Editor: On Oct. 11, the Fort Langley Community Association held a public meeting about new developments coming to the village. The mandate of the FLCA is to be a conduit of information to and from the Township for the residents of Fort Langley.

We therefore invited not only the residents of the community but also the mayor and council, since we believe that it is important for politicians to hear and understand the concerns of their constituents. Councillor Kim Richter sent regrets because she had another engagement. We thank Councillors Dave Davis, Charlie Fox, Bob Long and Michelle Sparrow for showing the interest and spending the time to attend and listen.

Mayor Jack Froese, who lives in Fort Langley, did not. We noted his absence, and wonder to what extent he is committed.

Connie Blundy,

vice-chair, FLCA

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