South Langley traffic needs a master plan

Despite plans for a new interchange at 16 Avenue and Highway 99, there is no master plan for traffic in South Langley.

Editor: Finally we have an idea that makes perfect sense and would go a long way to solving 16 Avenue traffic woes (“Time for rethink on 0 Avenue,” The Times, Oct. 4).

It puts matters in perspective and is far more logical than anything that has been brought forward to date.  Up to this point we’ve been told:

* The police are unable to patrol and pull over vehicles on 16 Avenue, due to narrow shoulders and no pullouts. This alone gives motorists all the permission they need to set their own speed limits.

* There is no money to upgrade and improve 16 Avenue, at the present time.

With this in mind, I shake my head and ask why? Why would the powers that be facilitate the building of an interchange at Highway 99 and 16 Avenue (“Ministry moves on 16 Ave. on-ramps,” Peace Arch News, Sept. 25) when 16 Avenue is already overloaded with more traffic than it can handle now? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know this will only contribute to funnelling of more traffic onto this overloaded country road.

In 2004, when council was holding meetings on the 0 Ave. speed humps, I recall Councillor Mel Kositsky being somewhat exasperated over the Township’s Master Road Plan, or lack thereof. He said he had heard of this Master Road Plan for 20 years, and had yet to see anything that resembled one. I don’t think we’ve progressed anywhere since then.

It is my opinion that the Township is being reactive, not proactive, in traffic planning. It is using Band-Aid solutions on traffic situations that call for major surgery.

Why not fix it once and fix it right?   Bring 0 Avenue back into the equation. It is a perimeter road that would work well for the commuters and alleviate a lot of unnecessary traffic flowing through the more populated areas.

Also, as the letter writer states, it would be a much safer route, due to no cross streets.

One two-lane country road should not be expected to carry all the east/west traffic for the entire portion of the southern Township. It is overtaxed and unsafe at the present time and the interchange is only going to create more traffic and many more problems.

I would like to remind our mayor, council, engineers etc. that you have a responsibility for the safety of those of us who live on or near 16 Avenue, and those of us who have to use it.

D. Johnston,