Stolen bike has a special meaning

Plea for return of bike stolen from in front of Walnut Grove Community Centre.

Editor: I just wanted to write in about an incident that happened Thursday evening in my community of Walnut Grove. My kids and I went to the Walnut Grove Library to pick up some books, and while we were inside, my son’s bike was stolen from the front of the Community Centre, even though it was locked up.

We were both very upset and extremely disheartened that someone would do something like this, my son even more so, because this bike was passed down from his Dad and it was a full-size bike.

One of our favourite things to do as a family is cycling together and now my son is without a bike, and my husband. If anyone happens to see a Kona Mountain bike which is forest green in colour, has the Kona logo in blue and outlined in white, has front shocks and possibly a red and white seat, please call me at 604-888-4565.

B. Tamashiro,