Summer school needs to be inclusive

Special education students have difficulty attending summer school.

Editor: This year, the Langley School District is offering free summer school sessions to elementary students. These classes are not intended to replace a grade level, but to help students achieve better success with subjects they may currently struggle with.

This is a great idea and I hope many students take advantage of it. The problem that I have with this current set-up though, is that the district will not be providing SEAs (Special Education Assistants) to those that need it, due to budget constraints.

At the same time, parents will not be able to provide their own SEAs, as this would be a conflict with the union. This means that students with Down syndrome or autism who need the extra help from the summer session will not receive it.

Being that this is a public school system and we all fund it, we should all be able to use it equally. I hope that the board of education will find a way to make this summer program inclusive of everyone, as currently it is leaving people behind.

Katrina Quinn,