Teachers need to maintain control in the classroom

Political correctness is doing society more harm than good, and you will hear that comment said everywhere and in all walks of life.

Editor: Are teachers or students in control?

The word control reverberates in many people’s minds in different ways. A group of radicals wishing to have swaying power, or “control” over a person or persons could be considered bad, while a doctor working to “control” the outbreak of a nasty disease is  considered good.

The army drill sergeant wields a level of “control” over the recruits in order to teach them a discipline so when push  comes to shove, the now well-trained soldiers can go about their duties in a manner justified by their superiors.

By the same token a  teacher desires, no, deserves to have a level of “control” over the students, lest they break out and run amok, hindering not only their own learning but the learning of the others.

The point this writer is making is that teachers have a responsibility to teach, not babysit. As for “a disruptive six-year-old” (The Times, Jan. 15), the teacher needs some level of “control” over the class. She also deserves respect for the station they hold. Why would anyone want to be a teacher if they didn’t have a desire to educate others?

There should never be an abusive situation, but that level of “control” needs to be exerted. If anyone has ever lost their balance and stumbled,  you immediately look around to lay blame on someone for your misstep. Or did you trip because of a level of ineptness on your own behalf?

If you do stumble and I grab you to save potential injury, am I guilty of abuse because it may have been a bit rough grabbing you?

Oh, don’t misunderstand.  I recognize these are six-year-olds, but keep in mind the teacher is preparing you for life, not just for the day.

Yes, the teacher overstepped her bounds on the “worst class” comment, but is there any chance at all that her comment was understated? As for the “loud voice,” is there any chance at all the situation deserved the speaking out?

Political correctness is doing  society more harm than good, and you will hear that comment said everywhere and in all walks of life.

It is this writer’s opinion that the Teacher Regulation Branch is wrong when they suspend a teacher for doing their job.

Ken Hinton,


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