Thank you to professional staff at W.C. Blair rec centre

Their assistance turned a challenging situation into a positive one.

Editor: We want to let you know and  send out a big thank you to the staff at the W.C. Blair rec centre.

On Oct. 23, our son Alex fell while at the skate park next to the Blair Pool. He was hurt, but was able to make it to the pool. The staff there called to let us know that he was there, but not to worry, he was being well taken care of by the first aid attendant.

Mom Marilyn rushed down there, and by the time she arrived, they already had his arm in a splint, his knee bandaged, and were giving him lots of comfort.

They were wonderful, and we feel they went out of there way to make sure he was OK. From there, we went to LMH emergency. This was also a good experience. We were out of there in just over an hour.

His arm is broken, but he will heal. He even made his Mom stop back by the rec centre to let them know that he was OK.

Too much emphasis is often spent on negative experiences, but we would like to say how thankful our family is that there are such caring, well trained and compassionate people in our community.

The Paquette family

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