The Connecticut Children’s Choir

The thought of a choir up there helped me move from the classrooms at Sandy Hook Elementary.

I was at a Christmas concert the other night. There are plenty to choose from these days, whether it be schools or churches or community groups. The variety is wonderful, too. Plays or pageants, musical extravaganzas or just choir performances let you choose the perfect time and place to enjoy Christmas music.

I was settled back in my seat, letting the Christmas music settle me down a notch or two after all the running around I had been doing. I was delighted when the Langley Children’s Choir came on the stage. Just their entrance is enough to lift your spirits. The kids are looking for parents as they bump into the kid in front of them and jostling and re-positioning as they find their right spot on stage. Just off stage are the parents whispering instructions as the pianist and director try to get their attention as well.

Then a very warm thought washed over me. Suddenly, all those children in Connecticut became the Connecticut Children’s Choir. Why they needed another choir up there is beyond me. Maybe, like here, there were too many concerts planned and not enough performers, so a new children’s choir was commissioned. Besides, that thought helped me move them from the classrooms at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Instead of lying crumpled on the floor, I could now imagine them entering the stage at a heavenly concert. The boys looked sharp in crisp white shirts, red bow ties and black trousers. The girls are wearing white blouses with red scarves and black skirts and all the children were wearing the shiniest black shoes I had ever seen.

Just off stage those wonderful teachers were encouraging them to stand up straight and smile as the children tried to look down to see if their parents were looking up to see them. The principal nodded, the teacher on the piano struck the chords and those children’s voices were heard all over the world.

It has been said that something drastic is usually the impetus for a change for the good. It seems the overall scheme is designed to get our attention first. Whether it’s a signal at an intersection or gun control for a nation, we have to be shocked into doing the right thing.

This is just another reminder that Christmas is about babies and children and magic. When adults get involved, we add greed and money and we tend to forget about unconditional giving.

Have a very Merry Christmas and this year, hug your children just a little longer and tell them you love them. At least, that’s what McGregor says.

The Connecticut Children’s Choir

There’s a brand-new children’s choir this year,

They are performing Christmas Eve;

If you stand quietly and listen,

You’ll hear their voices on the breeze.


They will be singing Silent Night,

And in the rustling of the leaves,

They are telling us to not despair,

They sleep in heavenly peace.


Around your tree on Christmas morning,

Enjoy the magic and the noise,

For the music in that laughter

Comes from little girls and boys.