Time can be perfect gift on Mother’s Day

It seems the personal touch, the time invested, the phone conversations and the laughter linger well into the future.

Are you still in search of the perfect Mother’s Day gift? I heard that a liquor store displayed a sign, “Don’t forget to buy your Mom a bottle for Mother’s day; after all, you were the reason she started drinking in the first place.” It may not be the best sentiment nor the best suggestion to recognize someone so special, but we do try to choose the perfect gift for her each year.

I came across a chart listing the Top Ten Gifts for Mother’s Day.  From 10 up to 1 they were: flowers, candles, gift cards, gift basket, home spa treatment, home décor, chocolate, plants, perfume and a massage, pedicure, manicure day.

Certainly any one of those gifts will show your love and get you a hug. Any Mother’s home or apartment should be a blend of aromas and fragrances on Mother’s Day. The blossoms on the plants and the scented candles start mixing with a waft of the perfume and the essences from the gift baskets. We all have memories of our Mom’s or Grandma’s homes, and a whiff of something can transport us back there in an instant.

But some other research into Mother’s Day gifts brought out a different Top Ten. I asked some mothers what their most memorable Mother’s Day gifts were, and very few of them can be purchased at any mall or retail store. The question was usually met with a moment of thought, then the smile of recognition as the image came into view.

“I got a small clay bowl, painted blue with Mom and heart scribed into the bottom.”

I can remember making those with delicate care and using a toothpick to write with before the clay dried, then trying to remember what Mom’s favorite colour was. It seems to me, no matter what colour we painted it, Mom said that was her favourite.

“The cards, the handmade cards written in with crayon and the stick family inside; I still have most of them. I could just never seem to throw them out.”

We all took our time, using our best printing and intricate drawing with our tongues sticking out, making sure it was something Mom would like. It always got put on display and stayed there for days before being packed away.

“I loved the breakfast in bed. Listening to the commotion in the kitchen and the argument outside the bedroom door about who was going to carry what. Everybody sitting on the bed, that was best.”

Sure, we had to scrape the burned toast and the eggs were a bit runny and the tea was barely warm, but Mom said everything was ‘just right.’

“Just having everyone over for the afternoon and staying for dinner. I always loved the noise, the chatter, hearing stories about school or sports and watching them grow up.”

Sure, we all brought something so Mom wouldn’t have to work, but it wasn’t long before the apron was on and she was at the stove or the sink. But we did make an effort to clean up before we left.

So there are two lists to choose from. One involves spending money, one involves spending time. Flowers wilt, candles melt, and chocolate disappears. It seems the personal touch, the time invested, the phone conversations and the laughter linger well into the future and provide lasting memories.

Remember, she doesn’t throw the important stuff away. At least, that’s what McGregor says.