To pay for trail, let’s licence horses

This trail will be given the green light, even though we have potholes on 16 Avenue and crumbling roads all over our municipality.

Editor: On Feb. 13,  during the regular afternoon council meeting,  council was to consider approving funding of $50,000 in 2012 for the South Langley Regional Trail and $450,000 in 2013.

This was initially for a horse trail from Campbell Valley Park out to Aldergrove Lake. But it has now become “cutesy” with additions such as a walking trail, jogging trail and a biking trail.

There was a study done several years ago counting the horse population. I believe less than five per cent of today’s population actually own a horse.

If a referendum was taken on your tax notice, come July, this definitely would not be given a go ahead. Campbell Valley Park has plenty of trails. By the way they do not allow bike riding in Campbell Valley Park because it spooks the horses, so what makes this trail any different?

I know the majority of this council very well and I know that this will be given the green light, even though we have pot holes on 16 Avenue, crumbling roads all over our municipality and long-overdue crosswalks.

Give your head a shake. Is this the best use of taxpayers’ money?

So the least we taxpayers could ask for is that horses be licensed like dogs, after all they are both under the same bylaw.  The money obtained could then go towards projects like this. This would show a more user-pay attitude, rather than a non-user burden on the taxpayers.

Dennis Townsend,


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