Toilet price differential is on the extreme side

The exact same product at the same home improvement chain costs far less in Bellingham than in Langley.

Editor: I thought I might take advantage of the $80 rebate on “high efficiency” toilets which is available until March 28, so I started looking into toilets.

Consider this particular model: Glacier Bay two-piece high efficiency dual flush complete elongated toilet in white;  model #N2316.

The Langley Home Depot price for this model is $174.99.

The price at the Bellingham Home Depot is $98.

In short, including taxes, it is about $10 cheaper in Bellingham, even after the $80 rebate. It will be about $90 cheaper after the rebate expires.

Is it any wonder that people are flocking to shop in the U.S. when there is a rip-off like that?


Paul M. Bowman,