Township should embrace tattoo parlours

Since we have many prospering tattoo parlours in Langley City, I was never aware of this absurd bylaw.

Editor: I recently read the story about James Walther’s wanting to bring a tattoo parlour to the Township (The Times, April 19).

I was shocked to find out about the restrictions on the types of businesses allowed and not allowed. I live in Langley City, and since we have many prospering tattoo parlours, I was never aware of this absurd bylaw.

I am not too sure what the Township council thinks it is preventing by not allowing Walther to open shop up on 208 Street and 42 Avenue. Tattoos are not vulgar, but pieces of art displayed on one’s body. They have meaning and sentimental value and I believe they should be encouraged, not hidden away.

I will be signing the petition at Rider’s to get this bylaw changed and I support Walther’s cause 100 per cent. I hope that many more people will feel the same way and join me in signing.

To James Walther, Good luck and I hope you achieve your goal.

Dahn Powers,


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