A drain near the site of a Willoughby drug lab shows the effects of toxic chemicals.

A drain near the site of a Willoughby drug lab shows the effects of toxic chemicals.

Toxic chemical spill ignored in Langley

Toxic chemical spill, resulting from drug lab in Langley, ignored by all levels of government.

Editor: How come all levels of government sprang into action to remediate the toxic chemical spill in Vancouver, and continue to ignore the hazardous and toxic spill here in Langley? We are suffering from the poisonous effects.

There was a huge ecstasy drug lab raid carried out on April 24, 2014 by Surrey RCMP, at 20668 72 Ave.  No proper investigation had ever been carried out, in spite of numerous complaints, and the putrid irritating chemical stink persisted for years.

Then came the drug raid. After a few days of civilities, the Township of Langley went to ground and would not answer questions. Environment Minister Mary Polak was advised on June 3, 2014. She ignored the problem and did not even reply.

More documentation was sent to Polak on June 17, 2014.  Again — no reply.  We then realized she was a complete dead loss, even though she is our MLA and also the minister of environment.

After much lobbying, eventually some tests were ordered by the  Surrey office of the ministry of environment, to be carried out on three properties in October and November.  The results were horrific, so four officials came to inspect on Dec.11, 2014.

They were aghast and did as much as they could. Then it went to the “next level.” Since that time, the remediation has been “looping” through the bureaucracy.

The “Final Determination” letter was issued months ago.  Evidently the deputy minister of the environment has to agree, then a submission has to be made to the Treasury Board.  Nobody will pay for the remediation.

Langley Township council were contacted on Oct. 3, 2014 regarding this matter.  The council immediately put it in-camera, and buried it. The Township also evidently hired a high-priced lawyer.

Meanwhile, this neighbourhood has open toxic ditches and putrid brown sludge oozing. My neighbours’ property is condemned and worth nothing,  and their house is full of hazardous chemical vapours.

Their koi fish have died,  trees and bushes have died. It rains, the sludge comes, the smell comes and we are coughing. We are at our wit’s end.

Health problems are starting to occur. The authorities have put every obstacle in the way, hoping we will just go away, or die.  No clean-up whatsoever seems to be in the offing.

Presently, we are living on the Love Canal in Bhopal.

Diana Sampson,