Trustee Ross’s comments were not out of order

Editor: At Tuesday’s school board meeting the trustees were given the superintendent’s report on student achievement.  Over the last six years, the district has shown quite a significant improvement in several areas, including Grade 1 literacy and, most notably, graduation rates, which are at an all-time high.

Many people have asserted that Cheryle Beaumont, as superintendent, was responsible for everything that happened in the district during her tenure.  If so, then these achievements are a direct result of Beaumont’s leadership and priorities.

When Trustee Rod Ross quite rightly attempted to give credit for the district’s improvement to Beaumont, the board chair ruled him out of order.

I am curious on what grounds the chair made this ruling.  According to Robert’s Rules of Order, “out of order” is defined as “discussions, motions or interjections which are contrary to parliamentary procedure, fact, recognition, administrative procedure, or good taste.”  Trustee Ross violated none of these things.  He was simply commenting on a report which was before the board and he was completely within his rights to do so.

The chair of a meeting cannot rule a member out of order simply because she or he doesn’t like what the member is saying.

G. McMann,

Langley City