University District is of dubious benefit

There is no good reason to press forward with this plan, nor with the Wall farm subdivision.

Editor: While I consider Trinity Western University a welcome part of our community, TWU is in fact a private institution and business — not in any way a public facility. I am astounded that the Township would make this magnitude of commitment (University District) to this private enterprise/institution in the first place.

To press ahead in light of previous regional commitments, as well as basic planning common sense, is without clear explanation or defence. I am therefore very opposed to the current plan for the University District as proposed in this amendment.

I would also like to add my voice to those opposed to the Wall property being excluded from previous regional planning commitments. I am also very opposed to allowing the removal of this property from the Agricultural Land Reserve on any basis, including what I consider to be a dubious commitment to downstream benefits to agriculture.

Frank Cox,

Fort Langley

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