Waste incinerators an environmental monstrosity

Editor: Which city will Metro Vancouver choose to build its toxic emission-spewing garbage incinerator?

Will it also create  more than 100,000 tonnes per year of toxic and hazardous ashes requiring geo-membrane lined land fill sites?

If they build outside of the Metro area, will that city have to pay the ‘put or pay’ penalty if the waste won’t burn?

Also, will that city be responsible for landfilling the ashes? Sweden is touted as the shining example of incineration and recycling, but there is a hidden truth.

Because of recycling they don’t have enough combustible garbage and have to import garbage from across Europe. They also have a policy of not allowing the hazardous/toxic ashes to be landfilled so they are sent to neighbouring Norway and mixed into concrete to fill old mine shafts.

How long before this toxic concrete cocktail breaks down and pollutes Norway’s groundwater and fjords?

When you put our provincial government’s irresponsible fracking policy into the equation the whole province could eventually become a toxic wasteland.

If you live, or know of someone who does live in one of these ‘chosen cities,’ help make sure that this environmental monstrosity and all of the ensuing problems it will bring, never gets built.

Gary Huntbatch