Watering down political chances

A vote for a party that has no chance of winning waters down chances for a party that can win a seat.

Editor: I am not dedicated or a member of any party.

I tend to vote where I think I can steer the vote for the good of the province or country.

I like the Greens for their ideals.

I like the Conservatives because I like their leader, not the party.

I like the NDP because I see them as the only party that has a chance of winning the election.

For the good of the province I want to get the Liberal government out.

My fear is that a vote for a party you like or belong to, which has no chance of winning, could water down the chances for a party that can.

Yes, the Liberals could be here for another term if the opposing vote against them is fragmented.

So, decide what you want, what we need, and how to get it.

John Winter,